Businesses both small and large are constantly evolving. This makes equipping their facilities rather difficult. You see, business owners want the latest technologies, but because of the rapid obsolescence of such equipment, purchasing comes with a considerable risk.

So, business owners have a choice, they can make do with the equipment they have or opt for business equipment leasing with Trimarc. While owning your own business equipment does have certain perks, it also comes with what could be some very serious problems.

For example, buying equipment that becomes obsolete forces companies to adopt a “make do” philosophy that reduces productivity and increases employee frustration.

Perhaps you are interested in leasing business equipment, but aren’t sure what types of equipment can be leased. Here is a list of equipment that can be leased.

Information Technology Equipment

No Matter the type of business you have, in all likelihood you will need an IT backbone to support your operations. For this reason, IT equipment is a very popular type of equipment leased. Servers, software, computers, phone systems and networking are all smart leases.

Construction Equipment

Often, the first choice for general contractors, remodelers, roofers and home builders is equipment leasing. As you can guess, heavy construction equipment is very expensive, so many companies find leasing backhoes, dump trucks and other heavy earth movers a great alternative to making expensive purchases.

Restaurant Equipment

Not to discourage anybody, but opening a restaurant is a risky venture. Many restaurant owners simply do not have the initial capital to buy the stoves, fryers, refrigerators and exhaust hoods they need. This is just what a restaurant owner needs in the kitchen. There is also seating, tables and point-of-sale systems that are needed to run a successful restaurant.

These are reasons why restaurant owners often choose to lease instead of buying their equipment.

Laboratory and Medical Equipment

Many of you have first-hand experience of the high cost of health care. Some of these costs can be directly attributed to the equipment that health care providers like doctors and dentists need for diagnosis and treatment of our ailments. As you can imagine, lasers, MRI and CT scanners, surgical tables and x-ray machines cost an incredible amount of money.

Leasing is one way your health care provider can keep their costs down, making it a very popular choice.

Commercial Vehicles

Owning and maintaining a fleet of vehicles is no cheap task. If you have a company that depends on vans, trucks or bigger commercial vehicles to make deliveries or conduct other daily business, leasing could be a money-saving option.

Whether you own a nursing home that needs to transport groups of people to various activities around the city or a trucking company, commercial vehicle leasing is an option.

Office Furniture

In many situations, it makes sense to lease even the most basic equipment you need for an office: The furniture. You can’t expect to get a whole lot done if you don’t have desks or chairs.

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