You should do something special for yourself this holiday season, get yourself something you have always wanted. For example, you should start up or buy that business that you have always wanted to own. Then you can resolve to be happier for the coming new year.

Look, there are any numbers of reasons why you shouldn’t own your own business, but try not to think about that for the time being. Trimarc, your business equipment leasing company, offers these reasons you should own your own business.

Because You Want To Get Rich

Let’s face it, if you aren’t admitting that one reason you would want your own business is for the opportunity to make a lot of money, you would be in serious denial. Face it, the reason why most of us get up at the crack of dawn, suffer crowded roads and other commuting disasters, work long hours and get totally stressed out is that we are working towards financial freedom.

The problem is that not very many of you are going to get rich doing what you are doing right now. Basically, you are working for “the man” and your pay will rise slightly over the years to keep you content. But don’t expect your boss to appear at your desk bearing news of a huge raise. It just isn’t going to happen.

About the only way you are going to make the money you want to make is by owning your very own successful business. So if that is your goal, go for it.


You might think that it takes a lot of time out of your day running your own business, and that would be true. However, would you rather spend 50 hours a week working for “the man” or working for yourself? That’s what we thought.

There is some silly saying that if you enjoy what you do, then it’s not work. If you own your own business, the time you put in it isn’t bad because you have a passion for your business.


A lot of you wannabe entrepreneurs say you can’t start your own business because you don’t have the money. Let’s get this straight: You will never have the money.

If we waited for the perfect time to engage in life’s activities, nobody would have kids, because there is never a perfect time to have kids. You would never buy a house because there is never the perfect time to buy a house.

If you want a business that bad, you will find a way to get it financed, so don’t let a temporary lack of money hold you back.


You might feel that you lack the skills to own a business. Well, you lacked the skills to hold down a job flipping burgers in high school too, yet somehow you managed. All of us have to start at square one with everything we do. You go from not knowing anything about something to becoming an expert in a short period of time.

If owning a business means that much to you, you will learn how to run that business real quickly. Before you know it, you become the expert.

“The Man”

Nobody enjoys working for “the man.” You are your own being with ideas and goals, you don’t have to work for somebody else. You can’t get your ideas heard at work, your extra efforts go unnoticed and things would really work better if they listened to you.

If you are being emotionally, financially and physically drained by “the man,” you need to work towards owning your own business. Just don’t become”the man” when you do.

And call Trimarc when you get there and need to lease business equipment.