“Would you like a freshly-baked pastry to go with that double espresso?”

Those could be your words if you had the gumption to quit your job and pursue your dream of owning a coffee shop. You sit there at your desk, in your tiny cubicle day after day staring at a computer monitor and hating life because you have talents that are wasted. Anybody can sit at a computer and enter invoice numbers eight hours a day.

Many of us have dreams and many of those dreams involve owning a small business, like a coffee shop for example. But there are many obstacles that can stand between you and owning your own coffee shop, like the amount of money you need to start a business. But you don’t have to let financial woes stop you, not if you utilize business equipment leasing with Trimarc.

You see, there are many expenses you must consider when opening your own business and the equipment you need is at the top of that list. Unfortunately, business and restaurant equipment is expensive and you might not have the capital to make these purchases. But if you lease the equipment you need, you free up cash for other expenses. This makes your dream of owning a coffee shop that much closer to a reality.

If you are still sitting on the fence over the idea of owning your own coffee shop, here are a few reasons that might sway you.

Sense of Freedom

Owning your own coffee shop, or any business for that matter, creates a sense of freedom you just don’t have at your office job. For example, it’s freedom from having to clock in every morning and clock out every evening. It’s also freedom from having to beg your boss for a day off to visit your doctor.

And while owning your own business takes a ton of work and profound dedication, including long work days and working weekends, you still have the freedom that comes with business ownership. This means you have a flexible schedule and you have the ability to pick and choose who you want to work with.

Express Your Creativity

There have been many occasions when you have thrown out a great idea in a meeting at work only to have it shut down for some stupid reason. Well, that never happens when you own your own business.

Businesses come in a variety of shapes and colors and you have to shed parameters to create something unique, personal and profitable. You will need to express your creativity and come up with great ideas if you are to be successful.

Make Money While You Socialize

Part of the tasks you engage in every day includes chatting up your customers. The customers in your coffee shop are the cornerstone of your business and you need their feedback and opinions to maintain success.

Customers love talking to the owners of the coffee shops they visit. In addition to brewing coffee and doing paperwork, a key part of your job as a coffee shop owner is to mingle with the customers. Basically, you are increasing your profits by talking to people and making sure they are happy with your efforts.

You Get to Share Your Passion

Your passion is coffee and you want to share it with others. Owning your own coffee shop enables you to share your passion on a whole new level. Coffee is a social drink that brings people together and if you are successful, it will bring them together in your shop.

Personal Achievement

When you open your own business, success is the prize. It’s hard for any business owner to deny the good feeling they get when they achieve success. Opening a coffee shop, or any business for that matter, is no small feat and is a success on its own.

Achieving success is never easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. Like any successful business, success is a progress that takes many hours of work and dedication. You play the game and build and develop personal and business skills and success will soon follow.

If you are ready to start your own coffee shop, or any small business, call Trimarc and let’s talk about ways we can help.