Businesses both small and large are always evolving, which just happens to make keeping up with the equipment they need a challenge. As a business owner, you want the latest technologies, yet you also know the risk and cost in purchasing the latest equipment.

Some business owners just choose to ignore the situation. They simply just make do with the equipment they have and then have to deal with employee frustration and a reduction of productivity. This isn’t how successful businesses run.

From restaurant equipment to forklifts to software and computers, you can save your capital and get the latest version of what you need without having to make an outright purchase. Leasing is a great way to save capital and still get everything your need. And lucky for you, you can lease just about everything anybody could ever want for their business.

Trimarc, your business equipment leasing company, offers you this list of equipment your business can lease.

Office Equipment

Starting up a business isn’t easy and filling an office space with the equipment you need to run your business isn’t easy either. In fact, if you lack the money, it is pretty much impossible. Which is why leasing makes such good sense.

Let’s start with the basics; you will need a telephone system for your business. This does not mean you can simply run over to Office Depot and buy a couple of phones, you need the right equipment to do the job you demand of it.

You business telephone will likely be the primary means of communicating with clients or customers. You need a phone system with the right features and options that will be right for your business.

Information is the lifeblood of any successful business and they way to leverage the information you get is through a computer. A computer is essential in any business, as is the software you use for your business. You could risk buying computers and software, but it would all be outdated a lot sooner than you would think. And then what? This is the reason you lease.

You have the software and the computers, now you need something that can print all of your documents. Information is organized, manipulated and can be moved electronically, but some people are old fashioned and desire their information on paper. Remember that printer you bought last year for home use? Well, it’s pretty much obsolete now. The same thing will happen if you buy a printer for the office, it will be outdated in just a few short years. You might want to consider leasing a printer.

Just as fast as you generate documents on paper, you must then destroy it. Your business is responsible for the information it possess. Which is why a paper shredder is needed.


Just like everything else in this age of technology, security systems get better all of the time and buying one just means it too will become outdated. And if you think just because your business is located on the good side of town you don’t need a security system?

Businesses often overlook the need for security until they have to deal with a problem. A security system does much more than alerts people when someone is trying to break into your business and steal something. The presence of a business security system puts employees minds at ease. Cameras in the parking lot ensure them their belonging left in the car are safe.

The presence of a security system in the office records any instances of harassment or abuse or if an employee is stealing. Security cameras are also used to keep productivity up and monitor for safety purposes.

Specialty Solutions

In all likelihood, your business will need a few specialty items to function optimally. You might have a small warehouse or other storage facility in site and need a forklift. Again, leasing a forklift might save money and make better sense than buying one. Your office might need mailroom equipment, which could be easily leased. Heck, you might even need point of sale equipment or bar code equipment.

Whatever your business needs to lease, you can find it here. give Trimarc a call and see what we can do for you.