When considering a lease it is important to consider the honesty, integrity and trustworthiness of your provider.

When considering a lease it is important to consider the honesty, integrity and trustworthiness of your provider.

There are many factors that will affect the overall success of your lease-financing experience.

Lease Provider Ability

Trimarc has been providing unique lease financing solutions to nationwide customers since 1995. You can benefit from our years of meeting customer challenges and proving a superior client experience. This long-term history allows us to quickly respond to your needs and to work with you to develop the best overall lease-financing facility. Sound business practices coupled with lease-financing innovation will provide a platform that enhances your growth. We understand that our role is to help you accelerate your growth—not slow you down. Our lease-financing proposal is just page one of our relationship. Working with your staff, vendors and providing on-going and end of term lease management will enable you to focus on your objectives.


How flexible is your lease-financing provider? We are an independent lease-financing provider and can tailor any of our systems and practices to meet your specific needs. Our lease is a breathing, dynamic agreement that is designed to be flexible. A Trimarc lease means that as your needs develop and/or change, we will provide options that accommodate these developments. We have the ability to modify our leases, even during the lease term, as needed. Cost changes, delays in equipment deliveries, revised equipment lists, multiple suppliers, progress payments, multiple locations, customized billing, are all available with a Trimarc relationship.


How fast is accurate, reliable and verifiable information provided to you? Our management structure is very flat–tenured professionals are only a phone call and/or email away. Each client enjoys a customer response team at Trimarc consisting of sales, administrative, finance and senior management staff. You can rely on the information that Trimarc provides and on our performance.

A Partnership that is a Friendship

We are not just a business partner, we are a friend. Every individual at Trimarc will greet you with enthusiasm and with a willingness to work hard to meet a challenge. Account management means the ongoing growth of our business and personal relationship. We are a leasing company that seeks to make your job easier and to earn your business–we know that you have choices. Customer care is a top priority at all levels of Trimarc.