Trimarc understands that technology programs help increase student engagement and positively affect student achievement.

Many schools lack the capital to purchase needed technology. To address these budget shortfalls some schools implement bring-your-own device programs. But in today’s competitive environment many schools have trouble reaching their enrollment goals and are looking to deliver a better experience in order to attract and retain new students.

Trimarc offers lease-finance options to help you stay competitive and on the cutting edge by enabling you to leverage the latest technology and systems to provide your staff and students with a productive environment and the best learning opportunity, while optimizing your budget.

There are many benefits to leasing rather than purchasing technology equipment. Some of these include, conserving capital, avoiding long‐term debt, and establishing regular and predictable payments. As technology evolves, and older equipment becomes obsolete, leasing will allow you to update to the newest technology at the end of the lease.

Some additional benefits of leasing include; deferred payments, customized billing, progressive installation funding, and student technology programs that allow your students to purchase technology equipment at the time of graduation at a greatly reduced rate.

In addition to technology refresh programs, schools also have a need for continuous maintenance and campus improvement programs. Whether it’s an upgrade to athletic equipment and facilities, new energy efficient HVAC systems, building upgrades, or critical software and infrastructure programs, these projects are important for student retention and operational efficiency.

Often these projects are put on the back burner due to budget constraints and cash-flow uncertainty. Many of these projects require large upfront costs and ongoing maintenance or licensing costs.

Trimarc understands the complexity of such projects and can help design a financing solution that gives you the certainty of fixed monthly financing or deferred payments based on project milestones so that you can free up cash flow, while maintaining your operational efficiency, implementing cost saving technology, and providing your students with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Helping Your School Move Forward

Say that you are the president or CFO of a university and somebody came up with an idea that would ensure the latest computer technology, improve student grades and help balance your budget, would you implement it immediately?

Trimarc Financial offers leasing programs for universities that are the simplest and best way to get the latest technology with less capital investment. Our leasing programs are designed to upgrade classroom technology, improve student outcomes and balance your budget.

It Might Be Better Than Buying

It is easy enough deciding on the right mix of projectors, computers and networking equipment a school needs for digital learning. Figuring out where to get the funds to pay for it is what makes the situation quite sticky.

With computers quickly becoming the largest single expense a school must endure, universities from all over the country are choosing to forgo the outright purchase of this equipment and are instead choosing to lease.

Leasing allows a school to spread out costs over the equipment’s usable life. It also allows schools to bring the latest technology to their students. Imagine a classroom void of obsolete and otherwise outdated technology.

This is definitely a win-win solution that benefits schools, students and the administration. Technology changes as fast as the latest internet trend, leaving schools struggling to keep above it all. So when computers and other technology are three or four years old and obsolete, administration struggles coming up with ways to pay for new technology and equipment.

You know what to expect when you lease your equipment and you will always have the right stuff at the right price.

One on One Initiatives

One-to-one device initiatives are becoming more and more popular in schools. It is unfortunate that some simply cannot afford to purchase the number of computers and other devices needed all at once.

This is why leasing programs have become so popular. Our leasing programs are simple, scalable and flexible, helping your university to implement one-to-one programs quickly and keep up the pace with changes in technology.

Get Creative

With all of the options Trimarc Financial offers, schools can afford to get creative in how they stock their classrooms. For example, leasing gives schools the option to outright buy the devices and equipment after the term is up. You can also choose to update and refresh your technology instead.

If a school decides to refresh its technology, devices are returned and the school can choose to lease newer units. If the school decides to keep the devices, the buyout program is a great option.