Depending on the construction application, heavy equipment may be used in many ways and will help any construction company achieve their goals. There are several types of heavy equipment used in the construction industry and are used for both small and large scale purposes. Even if you are a small construction company or even a contractor, there might be an occasion when earth moving or material handling equipment is needed.

It is when such occasions arise that many construction companies and contractors rely on Trimarc for their heavy equipment leasing needs. Here are a few more common pieces of construction equipment.


Who doesn’t love bulldozers? Bulldozers are considered one of the most reliable and strongest of heavy equipment. This is a powerful piece of heavy equipment that is mainly used to move dirt over large tracts of open space. Bulldozers are equipped with a very wide blade in the front that is controlled with hydraulic pistons that allow the blade to move up and down. The blade can also be angled for a variety of depths.

Even though the main job of a bulldozer is to move A great amount of earth, it can also be used to crush large boulders.


Excavators are very large equipment that is available with either tracks or wheels. The traditional excavator has a long arm with a bucket attached at the end of it. The arm is attached to a cab that holds the ability to pivot all the way around. That’s right, it rotates 360 degrees. The operator in the cab is situated so the entire site can be seen.

Excavators are mainly used to dig our large portions of dirt and to move heavy objects around. When building a new home, for example, an excavator might be used to dig out the foundation, dig trenches for pipes and move heavy materials into place.

Motor Graders

Motor graders are similar to bulldozers, except they just aren’t as cool. They have a long blade under the center that can be angled to create a flat surface. They are heavy equipment used to fine grade and move smaller amounts of dirt. You will often see Motor graders smoothing out dirt roads or in mining applications. They can also be used to create sloped surfaces, like in a drainage ditch for example.


Trenchers are used to dig trenches so pipes can be installed. There are several types of trenchers including very small ones you walk behind to great big ones that are capable of cutting trenches into the pavement and other hard surfaces. Some trenchers have conveyor systems that carry the materials excavated away from the trench that is being made.

Trenchers are very dangerous pieces of equipment and must be handled with extreme caution.

Crawler Loaders

Crawler loaders are yet another awesome piece of construction equipment that combines the capabilities of the backhoe and the excavator. These bad boys are track mounted so it is unlikely you will see them in your neighbor’s backyard.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders have a unique appearance as they have components coming out of both directions. The backhoe loader is actually three pieces of construction equipment rolled into one unit. A backhoe loader is essentially a loader, a tractor and a backhoe.

Backhoe loaders can move dirt and dig trenches for pipe placement. One of the better attributes of backhoe loaders is that since they are tire-mounted, you can use them in urbanized areas and home patios without causing a whole lot of damage.

The bucket on the back of backhoe loaders can be swapped out with a variety of attachments that enable you to dig trenches of different widths and depths.

Dump Trucks

At almost any construction site it is likely you will spot a dump truck. These types of construction equipment come in many shapes and sizes and are used mainly to move loads easily and effectively. Dump trucks can be the size of a typical pickup truck or can be so big that just one wheel is larger than a pickup truck.

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