Heavy Equipment Leasing and Non-Profit Organizations

Trimarc provides a myriad of products to meet lease financing and business solution needs, even if your business is a non-profit organization. Non-profits play a critical role in our modern society. Whether your organization is leading the cause for feeding the hungry, wellness initiatives in your community or educating the public, you need the right equipment at a cost you can afford to succeed.

Whether you need heavy equipment leasing, seasonal leases or hybrid leases, here are a few benefits your non-profit organization will enjoy.


Our leases can be structured to meet the specific needs of your non-profit organization. The terms, amount, monthly payment and payment date are all components of a lease that we can customize to meet your specific needs.

Minimum Amount of Money Needed Upfront

This is a major reason why so many non-profit organizations prefer leasing over buying. In most cases, leasing requires very little in any money down to get the ball rolling. Leasing allows your non-profit organization to utilize whatever cash you might have to meet other needs.

Fixed Payments

A monthly payment at the same amount provides your non-profit organization with consistency so you can better plan a budget. A fixed plan also means you don’t have to worry about rate increases.

Maintenance, Repairs and Downtime

Many non-profit organizations acquire new equipment to replace old and dated equipment, thinking that buying it will save money. But what they don’t take into consideration is that a low monthly payment could cost less than the maintenance, repair costs and downtime created when equipment fails.


What would happen if you grew at a rapid rate and suddenly needed new equipment? These are questions you need to ask yourself when considering buying or leasing office equipment. If you are leasing equipment, this problem is easily solved with an updated lease.

Give Your Volunteers the Equipment They Need

Many non-profit organizations simply don’t have the cash on hand to invest in the equipment their volunteers need. For example, your shelter would thrive much better with commercial kitchen equipment, but you can’t afford to outright buy it. This is when leasing makes perfect sense.

Get More for Less

One of the biggest advantages of leasing equipment for your non-profit organization is that you will be getting the latest and most up-to-date equipment on the market. And you are able to get more of the equipment you need for a small price.

Buying a copier means that you are stuck with that copier for many years, long after it has become outdated. Plus, you will be stuck having to pay to maintain it and fix it when it breaks down. But if you lease, you enjoy up-to-date copiers at a low monthly rate.

Leasing equipment for your non-profit organization from Trimarc just makes good sense. Trimarc Financial, Inc. is focused on building financial solutions designed for your business, while developing long-term relationships based on honesty, integrity and trust. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.