When you are planning on opening a restaurant, you will need to invest in an awful lot of commercial kitchen equipment. The kitchen is the center of your new business and it will be the place where your fabulous menu comes to life.

Careful planning and research need to go into your kitchen to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality. Oh, and you will need much more than just a fryer and a stove in your commercial kitchen. Not only that, restaurant equipment is very expensive, so you might want to consider utilizing a leasing company.

Here are a few essential pieces of equipment you need for your restaurant.

Food Prep Tables

Food prep tables are essential in any commercial kitchen and they come in many types, styles and sizes. You will want to choose a prep table made of stainless steel as they are sturdy, resist corrosion and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals.

In all likelihood, you will need more than one prep table, depending, of course, on the size of your kitchen and the number of cooks you have working at any given time. When the cooks aren’t flipping steaks and dropping chicken wings in the fryer, they will be preparing foods at the prep tables.


Unless you have a very limited menu with no deep-fried foods, you will need a commercial fryer. You can get fryers that are either electric or gas, with the latter being the better choice as far as utility costs.

Even if you are opening a Mexican restaurant and feel you have no need for a fryer, think again. There are several Mexican food choices that require deep frying including chili rellenos and taquitos. Also, fresh corn chips hot from the fryer are far superior to bagged chips, something you should consider.


Slicers are used to cut meats, cheeses and other types of foods with speed and precision. In no way do you want to buy your cheeses and meats pre-sliced, it is just an unnecessary added expense.

Also, you don’t want to have your cooks lined up at the prep table hand slicing meats and cheese, that is pretty labor-intensive activity. And there is always the risk of a knife accident.

In most cases, a manual slicer will suffice, but it depends on how much you will be using it. If you are opening a deli and will be slicing cheeses and meats all day long, an automatic slicer is probably a smart choice. You may even need two or more slicers depending on your volume of business.


Forget that hand-held mixer you have at home and use to whip up scrambled eggs, it has no use in a commercial kitchen. What your restaurant needs is a commercial mixer, and depending on what you use the mixer for, you may need a giant one.

If you are a high-volume eatery that makes their own bread, you will definitely want a giant mixer. These things stand about four feet high and can hold hundreds of pounds of dough.

There are smaller mixers that are ideal for whipping up anything from mashed potatoes to whipped cream in smaller settings.


If your place of business plans on preparing food over an open flame or cooking their own soups for example, then you will need a kitchen range. It is important that you get the commercial range right for your style of restaurant.

If you are opening an Italian restaurant, for example, you will be doing a whole lot of sauteing. So, you will want a range with several burners. You may even need two, three or maybe more ranges to ensure a smooth cooking line.

Ranges also come with ovens, so you can bake the dough you just pulled out of your mixer into soft and light bread. Again, the number of ovens you need vary depending on the size of your kitchen and the number of things on your menu that needs to be baked.

Some ranges come with a flat top, a smooth cooking surface perfect for toasting buns and scrambling large amounts of eggs at once.


Sinks are a critical part of any commercial kitchen as they provide running water as well as a washing space for food and hands. And don’t think when you open a restaurant that it will already be furnished with the sinks you need, because it won’t.

You will also want to contact your local health authorities for rules about commercial kitchen sinks.


You could install a triple sink and wash dishes in it, but a dishwasher will save a lot of time and work.

Refrigerators and Freezers

You will need both refrigerators and freezers to keep food fresh. Don’t think you can get by with a residential refrigerator either, because you won’t.

If you are opening a restaurant and would like to know more about leasing equipment, contact us today.

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