Life is a fascinating journey. Just a few years into your life, you spend the bulk of your time in school learning. And when you are done with elementary, middle and high school, many of you move on to a college to learn even more. Even those who skip college often wind up taking a program or working with someone who teaches you more.

The point is that we spent our youth learning what we can in hopes of landing a career doing something we love. After all, you will spend the majority of your life having to go to work every day.

We all choose to live vastly different lifestyles and do vastly different things in our careers. You might choose to be a writer while somebody else is a welder. Both careers require training and both can be very rewarding. That is, unless you hate your job.

Hating your job often leads to hating your life, which is not a good place to be. You could choose to quit your job and find another one, but you might wind up hating that job as well. The other option is to own your own business.

Owning your own business means you are the boss and you are the one in charge. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it due to the rewards. And we know you will do just fine because you always seem to make all of the right decisions. For example, you would use a leasing company like Trimac instead of buying office equipment, which would save you money.

If you are sitting at your desk reading this, you might wonder if you are the type who should quit their job and open their own business. Perhaps. Here are a few tell-tale signs that you shouldn’t work for someone else.

You are Restless

Restless people struggle to stay at one job for any period of time because they require a constant challenge. Once they have mastered whatever they do for work, they are eager to move onto something else.

They view all jobs as a beginning and an end. There is the day they start their new job and, inevitably, a day when they will quit and move on to the next gig.

But when you own your own business, every day is a challenge, and that won’t go away anytime soon. Years down the road there will still be that struggle to do things a little better.

Also, there is a beginning when you open your own business, but with hard work and a little luck, there will be no end.

You are Super Creative

Creative individuals motivate people and enjoy unveiling their ideas and innovative solutions to whoever will listen. Unfortunately, sometimes management thinks they have all the good ideas and all the right answers to the problems businesses face.

If you are the creative type, owning your own business means you tell others your ideas and they listen because you are the boss. If you have a solution that doesn’t work, you think up another solution.

You are Seriously Talented

Look, there are just some people in this world full of crazy talent. Consider this: in no way should Tom Brady be paid the minimum amount of money the NFL offers and anything but the highest offer should be rejected by LeBron James. Why? It is because these guys have crazy talent and should be rewarded for it.

If you have crazy talent and are getting paid far less than you’re worth, then you should consider going into business for yourself. This way, you are in charge of what you do with your talent and how much you can potentially make. The sky’s the limit.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Perhaps that is true, but you actually have the sense, talent and gumption to do so. If you are wired this way, it’s a personality trait that is difficult to ignore.

Famous business owners who make their own rules mix just the right ingredients to deliver exactly what the world needs. Think Apple, think Microsoft and think about the people behind the products you just can’t live without. These are and were people who were eager to rule the world.

In your quest to rule the world, you may need to lease some office equipment. If so, give us a call.