Starting your very own business requires a whole lot more than just a brilliant idea and a coffee machine. While both are totally necessary when starting your own business, you will be needing a slew of office supplies and office equipment. At least, if you plan on having employees and succeeding in your business. After all, a coffee machine will only go so far.

It is the office equipment that will help make your business run smoothly, day in and day out. They help in the organization and in the efficient running of a business. And while office equipment won’t help make money in a recession or make sales calls when your top salesman retires, they help you save money when corners need to be cut and can be utilized to find another killer salesman to hire.

Let’s explain that a little better.

Leasing office equipment saves money, so you can ride out that recession or other tough times a little easier. You can use your leased equipment to place an ad on Indeed for a killer salesman.

You see, your office equipment is a rather important part of your business. Basic office supplies include furniture, photocopiers, a telephone system and coffee machine. And in all likelihood, several items you haven’t even thought about.

Now, you can make a list of the office supplies you need and buy them all at once, but this would require a heck of a lot of money up front. Besides, who wants to buy something like a telephone system that will be outdated in just a couple of years? Buying something like that just doesn’t make good financial or practical sense. You are a better business owner than that.

Now, there are some office supplies that you will buy. Items like pens, stationery and ink cartridges are things you will use every day in your business and can be found quite easily at your neighborhood Staples store.

But there are office supplies that are better deals if leased. Your phone system or operating software are two examples of items you should lease from Trimarc, your office equipment leasing company.

Here is a list of office supplies you will need to get your business started.


You will want to furnish your office with comfortable chairs, tables and functional desks. There are also plenty of other accessories that need to be purchased in order for your employees to conduct business throughout the day.

Telephone System

Carefully consider the specific needs of your business before leasing a phone system. It can be confusing because there are so many systems available. You might want to ask other business owners what they use or contact one of our professionals at Trimarc.

Fax Machine

Yup, people still use fax machines and it doesn’t hurt to have one around, you know, just in case.


You may need just one copier or you may need several, it just depends on the type of business and the size of your business. But in most cases, you will need at least one. This is also a good item to rent.


There probably isn’t a company around that doesn’t have a computer. IN addition to your computers, your business will need printers, scanners, extra monitors and a whole slew of computer-related items. Shop wisely if you plan on buying all of this stuff because you could paint yourself into the corner by getting the wrong items.

Coffee Machine

Having a coffee machine that can keep your employee’s cups full is critical in an office setting. Additionally, you will probably need food service items if you have an employee lounge where people prepare their lunches.

In addition to items like a microwave and toaster oven, you will want to seriously consider getting a dishwasher, soda machine and blender. This way, your employees can make their own protein shakes for lunch.

Computer Software

Your computers will be pretty useless unless you have the right software. Information is the backbone of every type of business, best you be well prepared. Software, apps and other tools are essential in an office setting.

Of course, this is just a partial list, something just to get you started. If you are interested in leasing office equipment, contact us today.