When considering remodeling your home, there really isn’t too much you need to think about. If you have enough money, an updated kitchen is always a popular choice. And any chance you get, you are more than eager to make improvements to your living spaces.

But somehow this logic doesn’t apply for the business you own. At least, it’s a subject few people talk about. If your company’s space is outdated or needs some work to improve aesthetics, it should be done without much thought, or so you would think.

Many business owners view office renovation as a dreadful chore, something that will cost way too much money, it’s a huge burden and will be disruptive while it is happening. So it is always put off. Well, that needs to change. Office renovations are actually something you should be celebrating and eager to do because refurbishing means a whole new style that is modern and good-looking.

Look, you have nice office equipment because you did the smart thing and utilized Trimarc for office equipment leasing and office furniture leasing. But all of the nice office equipment and office furniture is overshadowed by ugly walls that need to be painted and flooring that is seriously outdated. Even if you have a tight budget, a small remodel will go a long way. Here are a few reasons you need to consider an office remodel.

Space Planning

If your business has grown, that is a great thing. However, you may find that you have more people than desks because you just don’t know where to put everybody. Maybe you have the available space, you just need somebody to come in and rethink the current layout.

There are professionals out there who specialize in office planning and they are a whiz at what they do. These designers can come up with creative solutions to your space management problems. They are also well aware of the psychological effects of space on employees and clients and will help you make the right decisions about comfort, balance and flexibility.


If you haven’t purchased new desks or chairs in quite a while, you have office furniture that is seriously outdated. And if your furniture is outdated, your employees aren’t enjoying the recent advances in technologies that made office chairs and desks ergonomically superior to that old Lazy Boy you are sitting in right now.

Modern office furnishings are not only more comfortable, they allow employees to either sit or stand at their workstation. That’s pretty cool and we are sure your employees will think so.

Also, what does your current office furnishings say about your company? When clients or customers come in, do they feel like they are in a 1980s sitcom because your office space is filled with outdated stuff?

If you are being held back from remodeling and replacing old furniture for financial reasons, it makes complete sense to rent your furniture.


If you are in an office building that has seen better days and hasn’t been remodeled recently, there are improvements in lighting that could be done.

Check the lighting in your office. Is there enough natural light coming in? Check with your employees and see if they feel they need more lighting or if they have glare on their computer screens. You might not believe this, but lighting has a huge impact on productivity.


Just as your office walls need the occasional coat of paint, the flooring in your office requires a little attention. With all of the traffic your floors suffer from, the boot scuffs and traffic patterns leave it looking in pretty bad shape.

You can try painting your walls in hopes it distracts from the bad looks of your flooring, but you are only fooling yourself if you think that is a good solution.

Poor Design

Your office might be plenty big for the number of employees you have, but it is in poor design. It could be a design that is outdated, or perhaps it is designed in a way that impedes certain processes and movements. That is, everybody keeps getting in each other’s way.

You could also have plenty of room for employees, but lack enough storage space. Storage space in an office setting is very important as you don’t want boxes of files scattered about the place. A newly designed office can give you the storage you need and make your office look bigger and less cluttered.

Negative Impression

When a client or a customer enters your place of work for the first time, what kind of impression do you think they get? If your office is cluttered or outdated or just sad looking, their first impression probably isn’t a very good one.

If you are ready to remodel your office space and rent updated office furniture and office supplies, contact Trimarc and we can help get you started.