If you own your own business and are in the market for new equipment or technology but cannot come up with a big chunk of money to buy it, calling an office leasing company is a viable and smart option. Instead of buying the equipment you need outright, leasing allows you to make smaller monthly payments.

There are many other benefits that come with leasing office equipment as opposed to downright buying it. For example, many types of equipment, like anything electronic, becomes obsolete in a short period of time. So you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a phone system and telephones that will be outdated in a matter of a few years.

And it’s not just telephones and electronic devices that business owners choose to lease, there are many items that make more sense to lease than to buy. Here are just a few examples.

Commercial Vehicles

Owning and maintaining a fleet of forklifts can cost you a lot of time and money. If you use forklifts, tractors, trailers or any other type of vehicle to conduct your business, leasing could be a money and time-saving option for you.

Restaurant and Hospitality Equipment

Don’t expect to stop into Best Buy or Sears and stock up on the stoves, refrigerators and dishwashing machines you need to run a restaurant, it just isn’t going to happen. And all too many restaurant owners just don’t have the capital to furnish their commercial kitchens.

You could do a lot of legwork and spend a lot of time going to auctions and looking for good deals on used restaurant equipment, but you never know what you get when you buy used. The cost is high to have a commercial freezer fixed or have a commercial fryer repaired. It’s a big headache when the grill stops working right in the middle of a dinner rush.

Construction Equipment

Leasing is often the first choice for roofers, remodelers and general contractors. This is because you need a variety of heavy equipment to get the job done and outright buying it is not always an option.

So if you need a crane, bulldozer or skip loader, give us a call.

IT Equipment

Regardless the type of business you own, it is highly likely that you need an IT backbone to support operations. It is little wonder why information technology equipment is high on the list of items companies like to lease.
From computers to software to servers and phone systems, every type of business, even your restaurant, needs these items to stay running and competitive.

Laboratory and Medical Equipment

Dentists, doctors and specialists need expensive laboratory and medical equipment in their quest to diagnose and treat what ails their patients. A tongue depressor and stethoscope just don’t cut it in modern medicine.

Leasing such items as lasers, x-ray machines and CT scanners enables health professionals to help keep their costs down. Which is something we all benefit from.

Government Equipment

Well, not government equipment per se, it’s the same equipment the private sector uses, but it’s used in a government office.

Cities and states are always looking for ways to cut back on expenses and save the taxpayers money. By leasing their telephones, IT equipment and even their construction equipment, the citizen’s needs are met at a lower price.

Warehouse Equipment

You can’t expect to run a warehouse without a few forklifts, trailers and a conveyor system. And these are pretty expensive items to go out and buy. Leasing is a great option for a warehouse company that doesn’t want to deplete its operating cash.

Check out what else you can lease:

Machining Centers
Injection Molding
Packaging Equipment
Labeling Equipment
Press Brakes

Desktop Computers
Laptop Computers
Security Systems
Mainframe Computers
Telecommunications Switches
Drill Rigs
Skip Loaders

Test Equipment
X-Ray machines
Ultrasound Machines
Laboratory Equipment
Medical Lasers
Medical Equipment
Scientific Equipment

Food Service Equipment
Office furniture
Leasehold Improvements
Document Imaging
Projection Equipment

This is just a partial list, we offer much more. Leasing might not be the solution for your business, but it can’t hurt to at least look into to it. You owe at least that to your business.

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